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What happens next?

After we have received and validated an application there are several more stages in the normal application process.

If the application is not validated it may be because you have not included Supporting Documentation (Additional Requirements)  


Usually there is a 21 day statutory period where neighbouring properties and relevant consultees are notified of the application. On some occasions a site notice will be placed at or near the site. Where necessary a press notice may be advertised in the local newspaper,


A Planning Officer will visit the site, consultee responses are considered and an assessment of the proposed development made.


Most applications are reported via a written report and presented to Senior Officers for sign-off. In some cases applications will be presented to and determined at a Planning Committee meeting.


Once the application has been determined a decision notice is issued. If the decision is to refuse, the applicant then has a right of appeal. If the decision is to approve then in most cases there will be conditions attached that are required to be complied with (often before development can commence).


These normally relate to the time limit for when a development must commence, what materials must be used and/or what mitigating actions the developer needs to take. Often conditions require details to be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. In this case an application for an approval of details reserved by condition would be required. There are guidance notes available if needed.

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