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Islington Greener Together

Apply for funding to create or improve a green space in your local area

Islington Greener Together is now open for applications

Islington Greener Together aims to create good quality green spaces across the borough, by encouraging community participation, inviting residents, businesses and community groups to submit ideas for greening projects in their neighbourhoods.  

Successful applicants will have their ideas designed and built by the council, and the community will be responsible for maintaining them. 


The second round of Islington Greener is now open. Find out more and apply. 


Islington Greener Together projects

There are several types of project that would be considered for Islington Greener Together: 


A parklet is a public green space or rest area that transforms kerbside road space into public open space. They provide opportunities to activate streets, create more vibrant neighbourhoods, and improve air quality. Parklets include features such as seating, planting, games, and information boards and can significantly impact the surrounding environment despite their small size. Community parklets are designed and installed by the council, and residents maintain them but serve as a public space accessible to all.  

Pocket Park

A pocket park is a small park that is open to the public. These parks come in different shapes and sizes and are used for various purposes. However, the defining feature of a pocket park is that it is small in size. 

Rainwater Garden

Rainwater gardens are beautiful vegetation plots specifically designed to slow down surface runoff. They capture water and prevent it from entering the drainage system too quickly, reducing the risk of flooding. These gardens are typically shallow depressions and are often planted with flowers and other plants to enhance their visual appeal. 


Planting trees is valued very highly by Islington council and its residents. We strive to retain as many healthy trees as possible in the borough while encouraging planting new ones.  


Islington Greener Together Champions

Led by our partners Groundwork London, the Islington Greener Together Champions (IGTC) programme works with residents to provide training, resources and support to help to look after green spaces across the borough. Come and volunteer, learn new skills, and meet local people who are dedicated to making Islington a more attractive, sustainable and environmentally friendly place. 


Find out more about Islington Greener Together Champions



To find out more about how you can get involved in the Islington Greener Together Champions, email

For more information about applying for funding for Islington Greener Together, email

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