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Terms and conditions for short stay parking

Find out how to park your vehicle in Islington without receiving a penalty charge notice.

How to avoid getting a parking fine (penalty charge notice)

If you park your car in an Islington short stay parking bay, you’ll need to pay.

Find out how to pay for parking in Islington

You’ll get a penalty charge and your vehicle can be removed if you:

  • fail to complete a transaction using RingGo cashless parking payments
  • parked after expiry time or you exceed maximum stay
  • park outside marked bays
  • paid to park in a bay not designated for short stay parking.

If the parking bay is suspended

Short stay parking bays can be suspended for highway works, special events or other reasons.

Please check the signs.

Even if you’ve made a payment, any vehicle parked in a suspended bay can receive a penalty charge notice and be removed.

Blue badge exemptions

Valid blue badge users can park free of charge (except in Sobell Leisure Centre car park)


Refunds are not given for unused parking time.

Top-up of time can be made up to the maximum time period.

It's the customer’s responsibility to make sure details are correct at time of booking.

We cannot refund fees paid in the event of a penalty charge notice being issued and upheld.

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