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Challenge a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

See images of the alleged parking offence and find out the next steps if you disagree with a Penalty Charge Notice.

If you think your penalty charge notice (PCN) was a mistake, wrong or unfair, you can challenge the PCN. Do not pay the PCN if you want to challenge it.

What you need to do

View the evidence before you challenge the PCN.

If your vehicle has been removed, you must pay the car pound for its release before challenging the PCN.

If you have received a Charge Certificate or an Order for Recovery, you cannot challenge or make a formal representation.

How to challenge a PCN

You can challenge a PCN by 'making a representation'. This is how you tell us why you think the PCN is wrong.

We recommend writing your case in a Word document before clicking 'make a representation' at the top of the screen as you may experience an interruption to the form. This could be because of a time out on the form or internet drop out.

You can paste your words into the form when you're ready to submit.

Challenge a PCN

If you can't use the PCN website, you can challenge or make representations by post.

Postal appeals can be sent to:

Islington Parking Services
PO Box 2019
WR10 9BN

You can find out more about challenges, representations and the appeals process on the London Tribunals website.

What happens next

If you submit a challenge or make a representation online or by writing to us, we will put your case on hold until we have responded.

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