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Rent arrears

You will receive a letter in the post notifying you if your rent account has gone into arrears. Getting into rent arrears can have consequences. 

If you have problems paying your rent or already have arrears, you can request that your Area Housing Office calls you to discuss it, or arrange an appointment to see you.

Consequences of rent arrears

If we are unable to come to a reasonable agreement or if you do not keep to an agreement, we can refer your case to court. If the court decides to give us possession of your property we may be able to evict you from your home.

Good reasons not to get into arrears

  • If you are evicted from your home for rent arrears the council will not normally rehouse you.
  • You may have trouble getting credits such as loans and hire purchase.
  • You may not be able to get a mortgage as building societies and other lenders may with your permission ask us for a rent payment reference.
  • You will not normally be able to get a transfer or mutual exchange.
  • You will not be allowed to rent a parking facility. If you already rent one, it will be taken away from you.
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