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What are School Streets?

What is a School Street?

A School Street Scheme is where a road with a school temporarily closes to become a pedestrian and cycle zone during the school’s opening and closing times. By temporarily closing roads outside schools this will help to reduce congestion and pollution at the school gates as well as make it easier and safer for children to get to and from school. The Council is implementing a number of School Street Schemes under an experimental traffic order and monitoring the benefits over an 18-month period.

Why do we want to create School Streets?

We are working on a number of projects to improve air quality in Islington. One of these is to implement School Street Schemes across the borough. By closing streets to traffic at school start and finish times we want to improve air quality around schools. Children are one of the groups particularly vulnerable to the impacts of air pollution.

We will be working with schools across the borough to create more school streets in the next few years.

What restrictions will be in place?

Vehicles will not be able to enter the streets between the times of operation unless they have been given an exemption. Residents and businesses who live and work on a school street will be able to register for a School Street Permit as well as Blue Badge holders. Please email to apply for exemption.

The scheme will not operate in the school holidays or at weekends.

How will I know it is a school street?

Signs will inform drivers of the restrictions at the entrance to the closed street. Warning signs will be installed in advanced to the restrictions going live to notify drivers when enforcement will commence.

Will the School Street Schemes be enforced?

Non-registered vehicles entering the street during the times of operation will be identified by camera and issued a penalty charge notice.

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