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A smart, integrated energy system for a low carbon future

GreenSCIES stands for Green Smart Community Integrated Energy Systems. This innovative project delivered a detailed design for a smart energy system that will integrate low carbon energy technologies across an area. The council is now reviewing the design for future consideration.

Using low carbon heat pumps, the project aims to share waste heat from buildings and other sources with other buildings in need of heat, while energy generated in one building could power another building depending on local demand.

Our Bunhill Heat and Power Plant used waste heat from the London Underground network. GreenSCIES will use waste heat from data centres and other sources. Alongside heat recovery, there will be small energy centre hubs for photovoltaic electricity generation, battery storage, and electric vehicle charging and storage. These hubs will be able to meet local demands by using a sophisticated control system to optimise the system’s efficiency.

Sharing heat in this way provides an opportunity to deliver flexible, extremely efficient, ultra-low carbon heating and cooling in buildings, thereby contributing to the council’s vision of a net zero carbon borough by 2030. It will not only reduce carbon emissions, it will reduce local air pollution and will lead to lower energy bills for the consumer, providing affordable warmth.

This system can be replicated in cities across the world, depending on the waste heat available.

For more information, visit GreenSCIES.

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