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Barnard Park improvements

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Start date 25 June 2021
End date 26 July 2021

Rebuilding a fairer Islington in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic by investing in more green projects and tackling the climate emergency is at the heart of Islington Council’s investment plans. To create a greener, healthier borough, we’re spending £6.9 million over the next 2 years to improve our parks by installing new facilities and features for the whole community to use. This includes £2m funding (S106 and capital which local Councillors have allocated) to redevelop Barnard Park.

The Barnard Park Masterplan

We would like to share the latest masterplan and visuals for Barnard Park and hear what you think about the recent changes to the masterplan. We have already consulted previously with the public and extensively with various stakeholders and user groups on the masterplan and other elements of the design including the sports pitch and hub building. We are not consulting on these parts of the masterplan.

Proposed improvements

We are making major improvements to Barnard Park to create a more useable, greener and attractive space for local people. The new park will have many new ecological improvements including a traditional orchard, native hedgerows and wildflower meadow areas which will provide 52% more wildlife habitats for the park.

There will be improved pathways to make it easier to move around and clearer routes through the park. Fitness equipment, marked running routes and more seating for families will make the park more appealing for local people. A large, flat grass area will provide a new space for leisure activities and informal sport. There will be a new 3G sports pitch for both football and rugby and where 9v9 matches, 5 a side and training sessions can take place.

At the centre of the park there will also be a new community hub building with a multi-use space which will provide for the existing One o’clock club. The new building will have accessible changing rooms and toilets, and the park keeper’s office. The hub building will have a biodiverse green roof and an air source heat pump to heat the building and reduce its carbon footprint. There will be lots of outdoor seating around the building to let local people stop and enjoy the surroundings.

Whilst 13 trees will need to be removed to allow us to create the new layout of the park, we will be planting 51 new carefully selected trees as part of the design. These trees, along with new areas of planting and other ecological enhancements such as a wildlife pond, community sensory planting, log piles and bird and bat boxes, will improve biodiversity and considerably increase the park's ecological value. These additional features will encourage wildlife and help with the fight against climate change.

Changes to the park masterplan have been made in response to advice from the council’s planning team as part of the formal pre-application process in preparation for submitting the final planning application for the scheme. We would like to know your thoughts on the recent proposed changes below. We are only consulting on these changes.

The recent changes:

Improved biodiversity and ecology

  • Remove areas of unnecessary hard surface such as concrete and replace it with plants that encourage wildlife
  • Paths will be made permeable where possible to help drainage
  • Closed entrances will be planted with biodiverse planting Improved pathways and circulation

 Improved pathways and circulation

  • Simplify the path network to make it easier to move around the park
  • Give better access to entrances
  • Create larger open spaces Improved entrances and accessibility

Improved entrance and accessibility

  • Close the entrance at Boxworth Grove
  • Create a new entrance at Sheen Grove with level access and better sightlines
  • The entrance at number 24 on the masterplan will be closed and transformed into a planted wildlife area.

How the park might look

Artist's impression of how the park might look

Sheen Grove entrance looking south

Sheen Grove and level grass area

Central area looking north

Charlotte Terrace looking north


More information

Let us know what you think

Please fill out our survey and let us know what you think of our proposals.


What next?

When we have completed talking to key stakeholders and the public to get feedback on the changes we will consider the feedback and update our plans. We will submit the plans for planning approval in late summer 2021 with works starting in spring 2022.

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