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Proposed parking restriction changes on Dingley Road

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Start date 16 September 2019
End date 07 October 2019

We are proposing new parking restrictions on Dingley Road. The proposed changes seek to improve safety on Dingley Road.

The proposal would be:

  • Remove a section of the parking bay in front of the temporary works access and install double yellow lines. This should provide sufficient manoeuvring space for coaches to turn left from Ironmonger Row
  • Remove the two space shared use bay on the eastern side of Dingley Road (City Road arm) so that vehicles have enough space to pass
  • Reduce the length of a shared bay at the eastern side of Dingley Road at the junction with City Road to allow more passing space and alleviate queuing of traffic
  • Remove part of the parking in front of the new access on the northern side of Dingley Road opposite the junction with Ironmonger Row
  • Extend the parking bay opposite the junction with Ironmonger Row by one space
  • Introduce double yellow lines on various sections of Dingley Road where there is currently single yellow lines

A plan of the proposed works is available to download at the bottom of this page.

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Contact Dipak Khatri or Renata Glowacka

Telephone: 020 7527 2000

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