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Estates Parking Consultation

This consultation is open

Start date 08 April 2019
End date 19 May 2019

We want parking to be safe, fair, flexible and suitable on every estate. Changes to government policy means we need to review how we manage parking on estates.

We are asking estate residents for views about:

  • Introducing a different type of enforcement – called Traffic Management Orders - on estates
  • Whether you want to retain numbered parking bays

In Summer 2019 Islington Council’s Joint Board (made up of senior officers and Executive Members) will use feedback from our residents to help decide which options to take forward, and we will let residents know.

Please note that we do have preferred options. We believe introducing Traffic Management Orders is a good idea, and we believe residents will want to retain numbered parking bays.


You can respond to this consultation using our online feedback form: 

Respond to consultation

Alternatively reply by email to estate.parking.section@islington.gov.uk

By phone on 020 7527 8669

Or in writing to:

Estate Parking Section,
222 Upper Street,
N1 1XR

Useful information

  • You can download the presentation at the bottom of this page to find out more about Traffic Management Orders, enforcement, and the pros and cons of numbered parking bays.
  • Disabled drivers are our highest priority. None of the policy changes we make will affect disabled residents’ rights to request a dedicated parking space.
  • If you would like a large print version or translated version of the consultation documents and questions, please call our Customer Centre on 020 7527 2000.
  • Questions? Please email estate.parking.section@islington.gov.uk or call us on 020 7527 8669
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