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Bemerton Area consultation

This consultation has ended

Start date 23 January 2019
End date 15 February 2019

Tell us what you think about proposals for new homes in the South Bemerton Area

We are doing everything we can to tackle the nationwide housing crisis – the huge shortage of good quality, genuinely affordable homes in the UK. This includes building more than 550 new council homes by 2022.

We have some design proposals we would like to share with you, for building new homes and improving public spaces and facilities on the south of the Bemerton Estate, including Orkney House, Dunoon House and Caithness House.

Nothing has been agreed yet, and your feedback will help us understand what matters most to you, so we can improve and refine our proposals.

You can download our proposals below, and leave your comments online

If you have any questions about the proposals or the consultation, please get in touch with Eleni Tsoskounoglou, New Homes Development Manager on 020 7527 2789 or email Eleni.Tsoskounoglou@islington.gov.uk.
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