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Islington Community MARAC referral information

The main focus of the Community MARAC is on managing the risk to the vulnerable victim but in doing this it will also consider other persons affected and manage the behaviour of, and risks to, any perpetrator. The panel will decide on the best approach to managing the overall risk to the victim/perpetrator/the community.

Information shared at the Community MARAC is confidential and is only used for the purpose of reducing the risk of harm to those who are vulnerable.

What should you consider before making a referral?

Does my referral meet the criteria?

Vulnerable victims/perpetrators

  • Vulnerable person experiencing ongoing victimisation or are at risk of harm.
  • They are a vulnerable victim or perpetrator who’s behaviour poses a risk to/or affects others.

Significant risk is identified

Risk of harm is evidenced, there is an escalation in frequency or severity of incidents indicating the potential for risk of harm or you have significant concerns around risk based on your professional knowledge of the case and believe that there may be high risk of harm.

Multi agency approach needed

A multi-agency approach is needed to safeguard victims of ASB/crime and / or their family, and address the behaviour of perpetrators either by an early intervention or by enforcement.

Have I discussed this referral with the victim?

The CMARAC is a victim focused approach and it is therefore best practice to obtain consent from the victim where possible. The CMARAC will undoubtedly be more effective in managing risk and addressing the concerns of those referred when we are able to work with their cooperation.

Please seek the consent of the victim to share information with other agencies represented on the MARAC if that is possible. Consent should be sought at the earliest opportunity but in any event prior to the sharing of any information.

Consent must be given on an informed basis by explaining:

  • What information is to be shared?
  • Who it is to be shared with?
  • What the purpose of sharing is?
  • How much information will be shared?
  • What the purposes and implications of sharing are?
  • What the data subject rights are in terms of the data being processed?
  • How long information will be held for?

We recognise it is not always possible to gain consent, it may be refused, or it may put the victim at further risk, use your discretion and only seek consent where it is appropriate and safe to do so.

Consider people’s right to confidentiality when you complete this referral and ensure that the information you provide is relevant and proportionate to the risk management and support of the victim and perpetrator. Information on recent incidents, severity, frequency, patterns are useful in assessing risk. Historical non related info is not needed.

Obtaining Consent and Sharing information with Perpetrators

The fundamental aim of MARAC is to safeguard victims and protect from harm. Informing a perpetrator about a CMARAC referral or the CMARAC process may inadvertently increase the risk to victims. Where this is the case perpetrators should not be informed about the MARAC process and agencies should take considerable care to ensure that information is not disclosed to perpetrators inadvertently.

Have I taken all the steps I can to address the risk I have identified?

There is an expectation that referring agencies will have taken adequate steps to coordinate a risk management plan prior to referral.

This will be considered at the triage stage and the panel may decide that further action can be by the referrer to prevent the need for CMARAC intervention.

In this case we will make recommendations and return the referral to you to take complete and review in a months-time.

Actions you might take include:

  • attempting to engage the victim/perpetrator with support referring to floating support, adult social services for advice and assessment
  • raising a safeguarding, enforcement action, tenancy action,
  • arranging a professionals meeting or case conference with relevant partners.

Read the Terms of reference for further information regarding your role in the CMARAC and how CMARAC can support you.

Lawful basis for sharing information

Representatives accept to comply with the principles of the Islington Information Sharing Protocol of the Islington Information Sharing Agreement and the legislation upon which it is based.

If you have not signed up to the information sharing protocol with Islington, please read the Information Sharing Protocol of the Islington Information Sharing Agreement. Please read and email the agreement from your service lead to:

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