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Community MARAC

The Islington Community MARAC (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference) is a multi-agency meeting where information is shared on vulnerable victims of anti-social behaviour (ASB).

The aim is to identify the highest risk, most complex cases and problem-solve the issues of concern. Victims also include those experiencing hate crime.

The main focus of the Community MARAC is on managing the risk to the vulnerable victim and / or perpetrator and providing options for increased safety. It also considers other persons affected and manages the behaviour of any perpetrator. The panel will decide on the best approach to managing the overall risk to the victim, perpetrator or community and on effective safety planning strategies.

What partners say about the Community MARAC

  • Agencies were all placed to discuss the case together - it was very well chaired and the preparation of information was efficient and helpful. There is a tone of cooperation and the different workers are really listened to and thoughtful responses are given. I found that other agencies took the issues in the case on board more after the referral to community MARAC.
  • It gave a more transparent understanding of what each service can do to resolve the issues and it aided communication and set targets to complete actions robustly
  • In such complex situations it's really important to know what can/cannot be done legally/ police and via social care, health etc

Who can be referred?

A victim/perpetrator should be referred by professionals if they are vulnerable or at risk to either themselves or others. The case may be complex or involve a multi-agency approach but will not fall under the responsibility of another panel. A referral form and risk assessment form are completed by professionals in the police, council or housing providers and are passed to the Community Safety Team. The referral may or may not be a repeat caller to the police and or council.

Referral forms for professionals are available by contacting the Community Risk Coordinator on the details below.

Who attends meetings?

Meetings are chaired by the Chief Inspector for Neighbourhood Policing (co-chaired by the council’s Community Safety Team) and held every month. They are well attended by 20 plus people with some officers only attending for specific cases. Core members include Police, Community Safety, Out-of-Hours ASB/Noise Team, Victim Support, Fire Brigade, Supporting People, Adult Social Care, Floating Support, Camden & Islington Foundation Trust (Mental Health Assessment & Advice Team), LBI & PFI Housing, and other registered housing providers.

Community MARAC Panel Dates 2020 - 2021 Panels take place on Wednesdays of each month 
 Date  Time Venue New referrals and updates to be sent to:
 9 September 2020  11.00am to 1pm  Online  26 August 2020
 14 October 2020  11.00am to 1pm  Online  30 September 2020
 11 November 2020  11.00am to 1pm  Online  28 October 2020
 9 December 2020  11.00am to 1pm  Online  25 November 2020
 13 January 2021  11.00am to 1pm  TBC  30 December 2020
 17 February 2021  11.00am to 1pm  TBC  27 January 2021
 10 March 2021  11.00am to 1pm  TBC  24 February 2021
 14 April 2021  11.00am to 1pm  TBC  31 March 2021
 12 May 2021  11.00am to 1pm  TBC  28 April 2021
 9 June 2021  11.00am to 1pm  TBC  26 May 2021
 14 July 2021  11.00am to 1pm  TBC  30 June 2021
 11 August 2021  11.00am to 1pm  TBC  28 July 2021
 8 September 2021  11.00am to 1pm  TBC  25 August 2021
 13 October 2021  11.00am to 1pm  TBC  29 September 2021
 10 November 2021  11.00am to 1pm  TBC  27 October 2021
 8 December 2021  11.00am to 1pm  TBC  24 November 2021

For further advice and guidance contact:

Andrew Morgan, Community Safety Co-ordinator on 020 7527 4943 or email

Islington community MARAC referral form

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