Market trading fees for scattered sites

Find out the market trading fees for scattered sites in Islington.

Arsenal Emirates Stadium area

Stalls selling food   £1,640 (per year) 
Stalls selling non-food goods  £1,271 (per year)
Private land trading Arsenal stalls (food)  £800 (per year) 
Private land trading Arsenal stalls (non-food)  £636 (per year)

Private land (other than Arsenal Emirates Stadium)

  Per week  Per month 
Street banding A  £38  £164 
Street banding B
£27  £117 
Street banding C
£13  £56.33 

More information on street banding.

Scattered areas

  Per week  Per month 
Angel area (kiosk and non-kiosk)  £82  £355.33 
Essex Road area (kiosk and non-kiosk)  £66  £286 
Nags Head and Seven Sisters area (kiosk and non-kiosk)  £79  £342.33 
Archway area (kiosk and non-kiosk)  £54  £234 
Wells Terrace/Finsbury Square  £79  £342.33 
St Agnes Wells/Wallace Road  £54  £234 
Pitches off Caledonian Road/Durham Road  £26  £112.67 
Triangle City Road and Goswell Road  £51  £221 

Specialist markets

Fees are determined based on the current rate for each area.

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