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Market trading conditions and electricity usage

We expect all market traders to adhere to these conditions when trading and using electricity for their stalls.

Trading conditions

Conditions vary from market to market but generally guidelines are as follows:

  • traders should trade at the location and within the diameters of the pitch size stated on the licence and stall card
  • gangways and pavements must not be obstructed
  • traders must be courteous and respectful to members of the public, other businesses, residents and officials 
  • ensure the items sold are safe and compliant
  • traders must have public liability insurance for the duration of their licence
  • traders should display a stall card while trading
  • refuse should be disposed of responsibly. All traders have a duty of care to keep the public highway undamaged and well maintained
  • all vehicles should be out of the market during market operation times
  • all payment of fees must be up to date. 

Conditions specific to food traders

  • all licensed food traders shall achieve and maintain for the duration of their licence a Food Hygiene Rating Standard of 3 or higher
  • to avoid possible contamination, food must not be placed directly onto the floor 
  • food handlers are required to wear clean protective over-clothing when handling unwrapped food
  • where high-risk food is handled there must be good hand washing facilities. These must include a basin or sink with a supply of hot and cold water 
  • the food business operator must carry out a fire risk assessment
  • appropriate fire extinguishers must be provided and checked every 12 months. 

Market operating times for full-market traders

Holders of full-market trading licences can set up their stalls two hours before the market opens to the public.

Electricity usage

Electricity is only supplied at Whitecross Street and Chapel Market.

  • we provide, at a charge, connection cables for traders to use 
  • electricity charges are incorporated within the monthly fees – there is no extra cost
  • electrical power must only be used for the purpose of lighting and the operation of electrical scales and tills, or other agreed services
  • traders will be requested to complete a form to declare appliances to be used - see Useful documents, below.

If you need to use a mobile electrical generator, you must get agreement from us first. If approved, it must be positioned so that:

  • it is not a danger to the passing public
  • it is not a fire hazard to the stall or goods 
  • it does not create a noise or fume nuisance
  • inflammable fuel is stored away from the stall in London Fire Brigade-approved containers. 

More in-depth information on our standard trading conditions and our street trading procedures and guidelines can be downloaded from 'Useful documents' below. 

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