Workplace health and safety

What do we do?

The Commercial Environmental Health Team tries to reduce accidents and ill health at work by inspecting workplaces, either on a programmed or reactive basis, and by providing advice to business owners, employees and members of the public.

Where necessary they can take enforcement action to secure compliance with the legislation.

Who does what?

For health and safety, either council environmental health officers or officers from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will carry out inspections. This depends on what type of premises and business activities are carried out at the premises.

A brief breakdown of who does what can be seen below. If you are not sure who would visit your business, please contact us on the details at the bottom of this page.

​Islington ​Health and Safety Executive
​Cinemas/theatres ​Car repairs
Exhibition centres​ ​Colleges
​Garden Centres ​Construction
​Hairdressers ​Council premises
​Health clubs ​Domestic premises
​Hotels ​Dry cleaners
​Nurseries ​Daycare centres
​Offices ​Furniture restorers
​Places of entertainment ​Government property
​Recreational facilities ​Garages
​Retail outlets ​Hospitals
​Restaurants/Pubs ​Manufacturing
​Residential homes ​Nursing homes
​Service sector businesses ​Printers
​Wholesale outlets ​Roving workers, ie, window cleaners
​Warehouses ​Schools and work with children

Standards that we work to

We also produce an annual service plan, outlining the targets and objectives for the year. 

Public Protection has an enforcement policy for all types of visits that its officers carry out. This adopts the enforcement concordat issued by the Cabinet office.

All complaints are investigated in accordance with the Regulators’ Compliance Code and Enforcement Concordat. You can download the Public Protection Enforcement policy below under related documents. 


Public Protection Division, 222 Upper Street, London N1 1XR

Tel: 020 7527 3816 Fax: 020 7527 3057


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