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Work placements

Work placements are short-term opportunities, either paid or unpaid, which help young people or those who have been out of the workplace for some time to develop skills and confidence.

It can range from a one or two week full-time placement to a part-time placement over a few months and gives jobseekers and young people an insight into the world of work. Work placements offer many benefits to both those taking part and the business hosting them.

Benefits to jobseekers and young people

  • an authentic insight into the world of work and the expectations of employers.
  • develop basic tools through which they build their expertise in marketing themselves - with CVs, personal statements and interview skills
  • awareness that they can build transferable knowledge, skills and experience
  • increased self confidence
  • an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and skills in a professional environment
  • the chance to try out a variety of job roles and clarify their interests and goals
  • the chance to establish their strengths and weaknesses
  • gain recent employment history to add to their CV, giving them the confidence, skills and determination to take the next steps on their career path.

Benefits to your business

  • professional development for staff members, developing confidence and management skills by supporting those on placements
  • brings fresh ideas to your company
  • helps raise your profile in the community and develop new recruitment channels.
  • an opportunity to give job seekers and young people a better understanding of your expectations as an employer
  • provides an insight into what it is like to be a job seeker or a young person from a less privileged background in today’s jobs market, and how to empower them to aspire and achieve their full potential

Many businesses have felt that the individuals on work placements have contributed so much that they have offered permanent positions at the end of the placement.
If you would like to find out more about offering work placements, either to young people at school or adults seeking employment, please contact us.

I was going for interviews, but nobody was interested in taking me on, because they said I had no work experience.  Since I started my plumbing work experience with Ardmore Construction I am confident and know that I’ll get a good reference and paid employment soon.

Hira Miah (Trainee plumber)

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