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Mayor's Charity

Find out more about the important work carried out by CARIS Islington and Freightliners City Farm.

CARIS Islington Cold Weather Shelter Project

This project is open throughout the winter months. Seven churches in Islington offer hospitality and shelter to over 100 homeless guests each year. They also provide support in finding more permanent accommodation. The shelters are staffed by volunteers from the local community.

Freightliners City Farm

Freightliners City Farm aims to bring a little of the countryside to Islington which is free, accessible and open to everyone. The farm is home to rare and traditional breeds of farm animals including sheep, goats, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and geese and provides urban people, especially children and young people, with opportunities to interact with them. This unique outdoor space receives over 40,000 visitors per year and runs evidence-based programmes that have a significant positive impact on both visitors and volunteers in the community.

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