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Postal voting

Information and guidance on how to register for postal vote.

If you do not wish to or are unable to vote in person at your designated polling station at an election, you can vote by applying for a postal vote. If, for example, you are away on holiday or simply prefer the convenience of having your ballot paper sent to you, you can apply to vote by post.

You will need to complete a postal vote application form. Part of the application will require that you enter your date of birth and usual signature. This is a security measure, which will be compared to your postal voting statement that you will complete when we send the actual ballot paper to you.

An application for a postal vote must be received by the Electoral Registration Officer by 5pm, 11 working days before an election. For the 2022 local elections the deadline is Tuesday 19 April, 5pm. 

Your postal ballot paper will then be sent to you around a week or so before polling day and must be returned by 10pm on polling day, together with your postal voting statement. You can return your vote by post, or by delivering it in person to Islington Town Hall, or by taking it to your nearest polling station on election day.

You can download an application form and once completed it can be scanned and emailed to:

Download Postal Vote application form

Or return the form to us via post:

Electoral Services
Town Hall
Upper Street
N1 2UD
Tel: 020 7527 3110

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