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Voter identification (ID) requirement

The Election Act 2022 introduced the requirement for voters in Great Britain to show voter identification at polling stations before they can vote.

When the requirement will apply

This will apply to the following elections from May 2023:

  • local elections
  • local referendums
  • London Assembly and Mayor of London elections.

This will not apply to Parliamentary General Elections until 5 October 2023. 

Accepted forms of ID

There are a range of photo ID documents that will be accepted. These include:

  • eligible passports
  • eligible driver’s licenses
  • multiple concessionary travel passes
  • PASS cards

View the full list of accepted documents.

Expired photo ID documents will be accepted as long as the photograph is still a good likeness of the elector.

Only the original document will be accepted at the polling station. A photocopy version or a picture of the original document will not be accepted.

If you don't have photo ID

If you do not have one of the accepted documents, you can apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate (VAC) on the government website.

  • You need to give a photo of yourself, your National Insurance Number and date of birth.
  • You must apply by 5pm at least six working days before election day but make sure to give as much time for the VAC to arrive as possible.

Apply now

Voting on behalf of someone else

If you are acting as a proxy to vote on the behalf of someone else, you must bring photo ID for yourself to the polling station. You do not need to provide photo ID of the person you are voting on behalf of.

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