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Highbury East Ward election results 2014

These are historical election results. For past and current election results:

The Councillors elected:

Councillor Party Number of votes
Aysegul Erdogan Labour 1430
Osh Gantly Labour 1514
Caroline Russell Green 1214


The candidates who ran for election: 

Name of candidate Party Number of votes
Greg Clough UK Independence (UKIP) 247
Connor Alan Coleman Conservative 411
Aysegul Erdogan Labour 1430
Osh Gantly Labour 1514
John Gilbert Liberal Democrats 1138
Julie Horten Liberal Democrats 1204
Muhammad Kalaam Labour 1206
Charlie Kiss Green 867
Caroline Russell Green 1214
Susanna Rustin Green 721
Terry Stacy Liberal Democrats 1185
Christopher John Harries Williams Conservative 375
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