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Canonbury Ward

The Councillors elected:

Councillor Party Number of votes
Alexander Diner​ Labour 1,569
Clare Jeapes​ Labour 1,556
Nicholas Wayne​ Labour 1413

The candidates who ran for election:

Name of candidate Party Number of votes
Alex Cox​ ​Liberal Democrats​ 805
Alexander Diner​ Labour 1,569
Lilli Geissendorfer​ Green​ 464
Richard Halvorsen Green 391
Clare Jeapes​ Labour 1,556
Amo Kalar​ Conservative 467
Mihir Magudia​ Liberal Democrats​ 613
Barbara Grace Smith​ Liberal Democrats​ 716
Jana Toms Hrnciarova​ Conservative​ 418
Georgina Turner​ ​​ Green 464
Nigel William Roland Watts​ Conservative 441
Nicholas Wayne​ Labour 1,413

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