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Barnsbury Ward

The Councillors elected:

 Councillor Party Number of votes
 Jilani Chowdhury​  Labour  1,948
 Mouna Hamitouche​  Labour  1,910
 James Murray  Labour  2,110

The candidates who ran for election:

 Name of candidate Party Number of votes
 Jilani Chowdhury​  Labour  1,948
 David John Christmas​  Liberal Democrats  400
 Stuart Cullen  Conservative  710
 Joseph Eldridge​  Conservative  604
 Mouna Hamitouche​  Labour  1,910
 Harry Hicks​  Green  467
 Kristina Lewis  ​Liberal Democrats​  309
 Rosie Magudia  Green​  447
 James Murray​  Labour  2,110
 Matthew Parsons​  Green  327
 Alicia Ramona Simms​  Conservative  594
 Laura Willoughby  Liberal Democrats​  286
 Lesley Woodburn​  Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition​  100
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