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Older Adults

People aged over 65 living in Islington. This is 9% of the population (compared to 18% in England) and is projected to increase to 35% (+ 7,800 more older people) of the population by 2031.

Just under three quarters (70%) of people aged 65 and over in Islington have one or more long term condition. The most common of these conditions is high blood pressure (50% of those aged 65 and over diagnosed with a long term condition), followed by diabetes (20% of people aged 65 and over who have been diagnosed with a long term condition). Falls become increasingly common with age and frailty. A fall can have a dramatic effect on someone's life with one quarter of falls leading to serious injury, decreased confidence, mental wellbeing and independence.

Older people make up a significant proportion of Islington's social housing households and pensioner households also have a considerably lower income than the rest of the borough. There are also high numbers of affluent older adults in Islington, many of whom choose to self-fund their social care needs.

 The documents on this page give evidence and information on specific topics related to the health of older people.

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