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Reporting a flood

If you are vulnerable or there is risk to life or property, please call the emergency services on 999 for assistance and/or rescue.

If the issue is urgent but not life threatening, please call Contact Islington on 020 7527 2000.

If you live in a housing association or privately rented property, please contact your landlord.

Surface water (flash flooding)

To report an issue with blocked drains or surface water flooding please use our report a fault on road form or call Contact Islington on 020 7527 2000.

Water supply pipes and sewers

To report flooding from water supply pipes or sewers, please call Thames Water on 0800 80 70 60.


If you’re affected by flooding from a canal, please call the Canal and Rivers Trust on 080 0479 9947.

What to do during a flood

During a flood the Environment Agency advises you to:

  • gather essential items together either upstairs or in a high place
  • keep children, vulnerable people and pets out of floodwater
  • turn off gas, electricity and water supplies if flood water may enter your home
  • prevent flooding from entering your home
  • stay calm and reassure those around you; call 999 if you are in danger as flood water can rise quickly  
  • make sure you have everything you need with you during a flood to help keep you warm, hydrated and fed.
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