Support in Islington for survivors of non-recent child abuse

Islington Council is extremely sorry for the council’s past failure to protect vulnerable children. We know that those who were abused continue to suffer today.

The council today is a very different organisation, and protecting children from harm is our top priority. We are committed to supporting survivors of child abuse - please see below for some useful contacts:

  • Contact survivor support for requests to access your records relating to your time in care, help to access specialist counselling; and help with welfare or housing-related matters. NB as of March 8, 2018 this email address is working properly. If you tried to email this address on March 5-7 and your email bounced back, please try again. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

  • If you are concerned an abuser may still be working with children: please contact Laura Eden, Head of Safeguarding and Local Authority Designated Officer or call 0207 527 8066 within 24 hours 

  • If you want to report a criminal offence: call the police on 101 and Laura Eden (see above) if you are concerned the person may still be working with children 

  • For more information about child protection procedures that help to protect children today, like safer recruitment, children being placed in family care and safeguarding legislation: please contact Laura Eden (see above) 

  • You can also contact Islington Survivors Network (an independent organisation, separate from the council, which supports and campaigns for survivors) 

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