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Courses for carers and social care professionals

To keep Islington residents free from abuse, neglect and harm, you can do adult safeguarding training courses.

Free e-learning courses for social care professionals

We run free courses for social care professionals who want to learn more.

To find out more. 


Courses for organisations who provide care in Islington

The following courses are open to organisations with contractual or partnership arrangements providing care services to borough residents.

  • introduction to safeguarding adults
  • refresher courses
  • alerters training
  • understanding National Competency Framework
  • community Conference
  • e-Learning


If you would like to know more about adult safeguarding courses, please contact us today.


Telephone 020 7527 8162 or 020 7527 8883

National Competency Framework

If your organisation works with adults at risk, you should use the competency framework created by Bournemouth University.

Download the full national competency framework (PDF)

Download the concise national competency framework (PDF)

It sets out what staff and volunteers need to know and do to help adults at risk

For more information and checklists visit the NCPQSW website

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