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Dignity in Care Awards

Islington's annual Dignity in Care Awards celebrate the great work of staff employed in the care sector for Adult Social Care

Islington's annual Dignity in Care Awards are back! These important awards celebrate the great work of staff employed in the care sector for Adult Social Care. They recognise the quality of support provided to people with care needs, with a particular focus on ensuring that anyone receiving care can retain their dignity at a vulnerable time in their lives.

Usually, the awards happen annually, but they have not been held since 2019 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic shone a light on the value and importance of the care sector and these awards present an opportunity to recognise the enormous contribution care sector workers make to society and to the everyday lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Nominations for 2022 are now open! If you want to nominate a person or a team for one of the categories below, please do so before 26 August 2022.

Nominate now

All nominations will be reviewed by a judging panel, who will make a final decision about the winners. An awards ceremony will be held to celebrate our nominees and winners on 17 October 2022.

Who can nominate?

Anyone can nominate care sector workers for an award, but service users, carers, family members, staff and partner organisations are particularly encouraged to participate and make sure we find the most deserving candidates

Who can be nominated?

You can nominate a carer (paid or unpaid), social worker, nurse working in a care setting, volunteer or colleague!

Nomination categories

Care professional of the Year

A reliable, responsible, person-centred individual advocating for choice and control with the person they support and care for. Supporting people to reach goals that are important to them in respectful and dignified way. Always aware of the importance of safeguarding and placing the individual at the heart of the care they provide. This person builds trust and instils confidence, demonstrating the value of human connection and relationships.

Social Worker of the Year

The positive impact they have had on the people they have been working alongside and has made a difference to my life or the life of someone I know. Someone who listens, commits to what they say they will do, respects my identity and background. They understand what is important to me, supported me to reach my goals and have better life.

Family Carer of the Year

Someone inspirational who puts the person they care for first. Always willing to help, go the extra mile and empowers others through what they do. Someone who has a sense of humour, warmth, accepts people for who they are and makes people feel loved and cared for.

Nurse of the Year

This award recognises the vital contribution nurses make to residents’ health, wellbeing, and care. 

Judges will be looking for information about:  

  • The positive impact that the nurse has had on residents in their care  
  • The dedication and skill that the nurse has brought to their role  
  • The value that the nurse has brought to the care home and person-centred care provided  
  • Examples of how the nurse has inspired others to provide excellent quality care 

Volunteer of the Year

This award recognises the important work done by volunteers in the social care sector in Islington. Volunteers give their time and skills unpaid to support our residents and to improve our services.

Judges will be looking for information about: 

  • The positive impact the volunteer has had on individuals and/or the local community in Islington 
  • The dedication and skill the volunteer has brought to their role 
  • The value or improvement the volunteer has brought to a service or organisation 
  • Examples of excellent collaboration and joint working with other volunteers, organisations, or service users and carers 

Heart of the Community

People are at the heart of high-quality care, and our residents are at the heart of Islington’s local communities. This award recognises individual members of staff, teams, carers and volunteers who go the extra mile to ensure that our residents feel a part of their local area. The award also recognises those who have brought people together who have different backgrounds and experiences, creating a feeling of belonging and inclusivity for those who otherwise might feel lonely or socially isolated. 

Judges will be looking for individual staff members, teams, carers or volunteers who demonstrate or deliver the following: 

  • Opportunities for diverse communities to come together and share their cultures and experiences 
  • Innovative ways of reducing loneliness and social isolation by bringing residents together, both those in care and those who live locally to services 
  • Creative intergenerational events or opportunities that support the emotional health and wellbeing of residents  
  • Outreach or in-reach services that bring service users closer to opportunities that value and celebrate their skills, experience, cultures and beliefs 

Outstanding Collaboration

You can nominate a person or team for this award. This award recognises people who are building collaborations across the council, health and care, and the community. This person or team: 

  • Improves cooperation within different teams, across partners or with the community as one team to provide more joined-up services. 
  • Shares knowledge, skills, ideas and resources, and builds relationships and networks to improve services and deliver optimum results. 
  • Works with service users to co-design and co-produce services, trusting, sharing challenges, and inviting feedback and support. 

Outstanding Achievement Award

An outstanding contribution to the care sector, built and sustained over a considerable period where people are benefiting now and in years to come. Someone who works tirelessly for the local community, a passionate advocate for Islington’s diverse residents. An inspirational individual who people look up to and admire whose commitment, drive and actions benefit and encourage others.

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