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Gillespie Road Point No-Entry Trial

Following requests over many years from local residents for traffic reduction measures along Gillespie Road to prevent the congestion and other problems arising from the high volume of through-traffic using the road, Islington Council will be introducing a trial point no-entry in Gillespie Road near its junction with St Thomas’s Road.

The trial point no-entry will be located along Gillespie Road just to the west of the junction with St Thomas’s Road. The trial prevents traffic travelling in a westbound direction only along Gillespie Road past the point no-entry in order to provide a more attractive, safer, healthier environment for residents, pedestrians and cyclists (see overleaf). Traffic can continue to travel eastbound along Gillespie Road unaffected by the trial. Two-way traffic flow will remain in operation either side of the trial point no-entry. However, a right-turn ban onto Gillespie Road from St Thomas’s Road will be introduced to prevent drivers turning into the point no-entry.

The trial aims to prevent westbound through-traffic from using Gillespie Road west of St Thomas’s Road, smoothing two-way traffic flow along the road and improving safety, air quality and noise pollution.

The trial period will operate for 18 months under an Experimental Traffic Order, allowing the council to monitor traffic data and feedback from the public during the course of the trial, before any decision is made to make the changes permanent, or not. This also means we can make any necessary changes to improve the scheme if there are observed to be any negative impacts.

As part of the trial, parking will be suspended along part of the south side of Gillespie Road, west of its junction with St Thomas’s Road, and the operating period of single yellow lines amended, to make sure two-way traffic can flow without the traffic conflicts currently being experienced in part due to drop-offs and pick-ups at Arsenal Tube Station. To minimise the impact on residents, during the trial period the affected parking permit holders on Gillespie Road west of the point no-entry will be allowed to park in both Zone G and Zone H Controlled Parking Zones. No changes are to be made to the existing parking arrangement east of the point no-entry.

Dropped kerb access will be installed near Gillespie Road’s junction with Highbury Hill where there is a footway build-out immediately opposite Arsenal Tube Station. This will better align with pedestrian needs and be more accessible than either of the crossing points where build-outs are to be removed.

Works will include changing road markings, removal of build outs and installing new signage and an enforcement camera. The works will start from the 11th February 2019 with the no-entry coming into force by 18th February 2019. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these works and we will aim to keep disruption to a minimum, with work being carried out between 08:00 and 16:00 on Mondays to Fridays, or between 08:00 and 15:00 on Saturdays, although contractors work times may vary depending on the nature of the works and weather conditions.

In order to help drivers get used to the changes, we will deploy traffic marshals on-site during the first week of the scheme going live.

Please see the attached Frequently Asked Questions for more details on the proposals.

If you have any further questions regarding the proposals, please contact council officer Satbir Dhillon by email at or by telephone on 020 7527 2458.

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