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Gritting roads in winter

To keep you moving during colds spells, Transport for London and Islington council use:

  • road and pavement gritting machines working any between November to March
  • 300 grit bins across Islington
  • access to the latest weather information

You can see the gritting routes in Islington on this map

How roads are gritted in Islington

Transport for London (TfL) is responsible keeping all red route roads clear (roads with double red lines on the sides)

Download a map of TfL red routes (PDF 1.7MB)

They also clear tube and rail stations.

All other roads are maintained by us.

See the main gritting routes in Islington on this map

To keep traffic and people moving, roads are gritted in order of priority.

This is to provide access to all the main transport routes of Islington.

Due to resources, not every road or walkway can be gritted.

Cycle lanes

As roads are gritted, so are their cycle lanes. However, some lanes are behind kerbs which can make it difficult for our machines to clear them.

How to clear ice and snow yourself

Find information how you can clean snow and ice safely in this guide (PDF 50KB)

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