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Cycleway 38 North: Finsbury Park to Highbury Fields

We're creating a new cycle route from Finsbury Park to Highbury Fields

During June - July 2019, local residents, businesses and the wider community were consulted on the council’s proposals for the Finsbury Park to Highbury Fields Cycleway, which was recently officially designated as Cycleway 38 North.

The results of the consultation showed overwhelming support for the proposals with 83% of respondents supporting the improvements. As a result, Islington Council’s Executive board approved the further development and implementation of the Cycleway in October 2019. 

The cycleway works were completed in July 2020. 

Cycleway Measures

Detailed maps are available under useful documents at the bottom of the page.

1. Blackstock Road/ Ambler Road Junction: Traffic lights will be introduced at the junction with new pedestrian crossings, providing early release for cyclists and cycle boxes on all arms. This will significantly improve conditions for pedestrian and cyclists crossing Blackstock Road and allow cyclists to continue on the Cycleway route towards Finsbury Park. The works will involve the removal of a parking space on Somerfield Road and the Electric Vehicle charging point along Ambler Road would need to be relocated. The section towards Finsbury Park will be consulted on separately by Hackney Council. (see map section 1)

2. Gillespie Road/ Avenell Road Junction: Priority at the junction would be reversed so that vehicles on Gillespie Road would give-way to vehicles on Avenell Road. This works would also raise the carriageway to footway level which would make it easier for crossing pedestrians and cyclists using the Cycleway to turn into Gillespie Road. (see map section 2)

3. Drayton Park/ Aubert Park Junction: The existing mini-roundabout at the junction will be removed and changed to a priority (give-way) junction. The carriageway will be raised to footway level with pedestrian crossing points on all sides of the junction. This will raise awareness of the new Cycleway route and also make it easier for pedestrians to cross the road. The junction would prioritise movements on Drayton Park and traffic along Aubert Park would give-way. (see map section 3)

4. Martineau Road – Aubert Park: Fully protected cycle facilities will be provided for northbound cycles between Martineau Road and Aubert Park. The proposal allows for southbound cyclists to mix comfortably with general traffic by adopting a position in the centre of the traffic lane, making them more visible to other traffic. The the existing number of parking spaces will be maintained, however some parking bays would be relocated elsewhere between Martineau Road and Aubert Park to make room for improved cycle facilities. (see map section 3)

5. Benwell Road – Martineau Road: Fully protected cycle facilities will be introduced in both directions on this section of Drayton Park. The cycle tracks would be at least 2m wide in each direction and will also include a small strip that will physically protect cyclists from parked vehicles. Existing zebra crossings will be raised to footway level improving pedestrian accessibility and safety. (see map section 3,4)

6. Benwell Road/ Drayton Park Junction: The existing junction would be converted to a ‘continental-style’ roundabout which would include protected cycle facilities throughout the junction and new cycle crossings on all arms of the junction. The will significantly improve conditions for pedestrians by introducing new zebra crossings on all arms, raised surface and widened footways reducing crossing distances. (see map section 5)

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