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Highways occupation

A highways occupation licence gives you permission to occupy the highway. This could be for a structure, cable protectors or barriers required for other works.

How to apply

You must apply at least ten working days in advance, to allow enough time for Islington Council to process the licence and ensure the co-ordination of works. Please make sure you enclose the correct documentation as incorrect documentation could delay the process.

You will need to complete an online application form. As part of the application, you must provide:

  • An emergency contact number (available 24 hours a day)
  • A reason for occupying the highway
  • Footway location and carriageway location
  • Estimated dates you require the licence
  • A description and measurements of items to be placed on the highway including length and width in metres
  • A scale drawing of the exact proposed location, indicating the dimensions of the object, barriers or cable protectors, the width of the pavement and the proximity to the kerb
  • A photo or illustration of the type of item you’re proposing to use
  • pedestrian and/or traffic management plan if it won’t be possible to maintain a 1.5 metre pedestrian walkway
  • Confirmation that you hold a public liability insurance policy for £5million or £10million for large structures that will cover for the period you will occupy the highway

This licence does not allow any occupation of parking bays. You must apply for a parking suspension separately by emailing

Fees and payment

Management fee

The management fee is £751. We will assess each application and depending on the nature of the works, number of items, locations and duration, we will confirm the total payable amount before approving your application.

No payment is required with the application form.

The licence fee is payable if you apply and later cancel, if Officers have inspected the site location. 

The council may request a deposit against damage to the public highway. This will be held for the duration of the permission and returned to the applicant after an inspection following the works.

Non-compliance charge

You must comply with the agreed traffic and pedestrian management plan you submit with your application. Any deviation from this plan will result in a non-compliance charge.

Apply for a highways occupation licence

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