Recycling and rubbish

Street cleaning

How we are keeping Islington clean.

From June, we will be introducing a new, better street cleansing service. This will mean your street receives a visit from one of our street sweepers five days a week. Please watch out for more information.

We are responsible for keeping streets and roads free from litter and dog fouling, removing fly-tipping and graffiti, cleaning street markets and council-owned car parks. 

How we achieve this

  • At present, every street is swept at least twice a week

  • we have approximately 1,000 litter bins and over 100 on-street recycling banks that are spread throughout the borough and we regularly empty them
  • we remove any racist, abusive or sexist graffiti within 24 hours of it being reported and most other types of graffiti is removed within five-working days 
  • when it comes to fly-tipped waste, we aim to remove it from public land within 24 hours of being informed of it.

How you can help 

We spend millions of pounds every year to keep our borough clean but everyone can contribute to improving our environment and making Islington a greener, cleaner and safer place.

Our authorised officers can issue fixed penalty notices to people that drop litter, including cigarette butts, or those that allow their dogs to foul and fail to clear it up.

And you can help us by reporting clean street issues directly to us.

Report a clean street issue 

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