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The Streetbook Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) sets out the Council’s standards for the design, construction and maintenance of the Borough’s public realm.

The SPD establishes six key values against which any work to the public realm will be assessed, whether by Development Management or by Islington’s Highways Team. Those values are:

  • Fairness through Inclusive Design – does the public realm respond to all sections of our communities?

  • Design Quality – does it look good, will it work and will it last?

  • Historic environments conserved and enhanced – do proposals celebrate our past?

  • Safety and Security – will users be safe and feel safe across our public realm?

  • Good Value – are the whole life costs of a proposal reasonable and appropriate?

  • Environmental Sustainability – do proposals effectively conserve energy, promote biodiversity and minimise waste?

The document promotes an inclusive design process, throughout which the key values are spelled out by means of practical objectives ie naming things that should be achieved rather than prescribing solutions. Those objectives are broken down into design considerations and are illustrated by good practice examples.

The document was produced by an interdepartmental, multi-disciplinary steering group of council officers and was informed by a focus group of disabled people.

The SPD and supporting documents are available to download at the bottom of the page. This includes an interactive version of the SPD that enables the reader to navigate the text more easily.  The user can click back and forth between each item on the contents pages, relevant design objectives, good practice examples, technical details and useful additional references, keeping each in mind throughout the development process.  Activated words within the text are underlined and links between topics highlighted at the end of each section.

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