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Holloway Prison

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) closed Holloway Prison in 2016 and is in the process of selling the site to a developer. This is an important site with local historical significance and we want to ensure its future development meets local priorities and planning policies. 

The council has prepared a piece of planning guidance, known as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), which sets out how the development of the Holloway Prison site should be approached by potential developers. This guidance will be used alongside relevant planning policies to help make a decision on any future planning applications relating to the site. 

During the preparation of the SPD, the Council undertook extensive consultation at two stages to seek views of the local communities and other key stakeholders:

  • In order to inform the preparation of the SPD, consultation on a Discussion Paper took place for over 5 weeks from 3 March to 10 April 2017. Over 300 responses were received, mainly from local residents and local community organisations.
  • Consultation on the full draft SPD took place from 16 August to 3 October 2017, which received over 500 responses, again mainly from local residents and community groups.

This is the biggest-ever response in Islington to a community consultation on a planning document of this kind.

The Council’s Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was adopted on 4 January 2018, after a record public consultation response. The document has been produced to provide clarity and set out clear parameters as to what will be expected to be delivered on the site. The main objectives highlighted in the Holloway Prison Site SPD include:

  • Delivering housing and, in particular, maximising the provision of genuinely affordable housing
  • Providing public open green space and play space
  • Providing a women’s building/centre which would include space to support local organisations and promote employment opportunities
  • Delivering a small amount of commercial space
  • Securing a high-quality design and good connections through the site/new development
  • Securing high sustainability standards (including an energy centre to provide cheaper and cleaner energy). 

More information

  • For more information you can download the full SPD, the technical evidence which informed the preparation of the SPD and the Consultation Statement, which sets out the summary of the consultation responses we received during the SPD preparation process.
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