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Environmental Design

The Environmental Design Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) provides guidance on how new development in Islington should be designed and built so that the positive effects on people's quality of life and the local environment are maximised and negative environmental impacts are minimised or avoided.

The SPD does not create new policy, but provides detailed guidance on how Islington's current planning policies relating to sustainable design will be applied to different types of development.

The Environmental Design SPD contains detailed guidance on key sustainable design topics including:

  • Minimising energy use and carbon emissions;

  • Sustainable building standards;

  • Minimising water consumption;

  • Enhancing biodiversity;

  • Climate change adaptation;

  • Sustainable materials; and

  • Operational sustainability.

The SPD and supporting documents are available to download at the bottom of the page.

Companion Guide

A Companion Guide to the SPD provides broader guidance on these sustainable design topics, including useful principles, examples and sources of further information. This document will be particularly useful to those who lack a detailed knowledge of sustainable design issues or who wish to explore opportunities to maximise sustainable design performance in greater depth. The Companion Guide can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

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