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Location and concentration of uses

Islington's policy objectives aim to protect and enhance the amenity of residents and businesses; and avoid development which could negatively impact the character and function of specific areas, particularly through over-concentration of a particular use or similar uses, or the location of a particular use near to sensitive facilities or infrastructure. Because of the borough’s densely developed, mixed-use nature, uses which can affect amenity and public health are often in close proximity to residential uses and other sensitive uses such as schools.

The council has developed the Location and Concentration of Uses Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to provide guidance on how to identify those areas where certain uses create concern, assess applications with a view to preventing over-concentration and put in place measures to minimise the impact of those proposals which might be acceptable.

The SPD was adopted by the council on 21 April 2016 and is available to download at the bottom of this webpage, along with associated documents.

The council undertook preliminary consultation on a discussion paper and questionnaire in 2014. Consultation on the draft SPD took place between 10 July and 4 September 2015. The responses from these consultation exercises are summarised in the Consultation Statement and have informed the Location and Concentration of Uses SPD.

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