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Basement Development

In most instances, planning permission will be required for the construction of a basement. 

The Basement Development SPD sets out detailed planning guidance for the implementation of relevant Development Plan policies in relation to basement development in the borough. The SPD sets out the informational requirements for submitting a planning application for basement development, and outlines the key design considerations that are to be taken into account in designing basements in Islington.  

The SPD is intended to provide clarity for planning officers, developers and members of the public with regard to planning applications proposing basement development, safeguard against potential environmental and amenity impacts, and aid consistency of decision making.

Site investigations 

Section 6 and Appendix B of the SPD outlines the site investigations and design process that should be followed when designing a basement in Islington.

Validation requirements

Appendix A of the SPD clearly sets out the validation requirements for applications proposing basement development. The Local Validations Checklist is in the process of being updated to reflect the SPD requirements, therefore in the interim it is strongly recommended that the informational requirements be adhered to when submitting a planning application for a basement.

Pre-application meetings

Due to the range of issues to be considered and the potentially contentious nature of basement development, it is highly recommended that applicants engage with the Local Planning Authority early in the design process, by way of a pre-application meeting.  We also suggest that you think about who might be affected by your development proposals and talk to them about your plans.

Building Control

Basement development works require Building Regulations approval. This is completely separate from planning permission. You can contact the Council’s Building Control Team for advice on Building Regulations requirements.

Party Wall Agreement

If proposals include development that would affect the shared party wall between two properties you may need a party wall agreement. This is a civil matter between two private landlords in which the Council would not get involved.

Contact us

For further information on the implementation of the Basement Development SPD, please contact Council’s duty planner service.

For any issues downloading documents or accessing links within the attached documents, please contact the Planning Policy team at 

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