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Supplementary Planning Documents

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) add further detail to the policies in Islington’s Local Plan. They are used to provide further guidance for development on specific sites, or on particular issues, such as design. SPDs are capable of being a material consideration in planning decisions but are not part of the Development Plan.

The table below details SPDs which have been adopted or are being prepared by the council. Timescales for other SPDs which will be prepared or revised over the next three years are detailed in the Local Development Scheme.

​SPD Status
Affordable Housing Small Sites Contributions Adopted October 2012
Archway Development Framework Adopted September 2007

Basement Development

Adopted January 2016

Cally Plan Adopted January 2014
Development Viability

Adopted January 2016

Environmental Design Adopted October 2012
Finsbury Park

Finsbury Park Town Centre SPD adopted June 2014

Finsbury Park Development Framework SPD adopted March 2015

Holloway Prison Adopted on 4 January 2018

Inclusive Design in Islington Adopted February 2014
Inclusive Landscape Design Adopted January 2010
Islington Urban Design Guide

Adopted January 2017

King's Cross Neighbourhood Framework Adopted July 2005

Location and concentration of uses

Adopted April 2016

Mount Pleasant Adopted February 2012
Nag's Head Town Centre Strategy Adopted May 2007
Planning Obligations (Section 106)

Analysis of consultation responses

Preventing Wasted Housing Supply​

Adopted July 2015

Streetbook Adopted October 2012
Student Accommodation Contributions for Bursaries Adopted June 2013​
Vale Royal/Brewery Road Locally Significant Industrial Site Consultation on discussion paper in March/April 2017. Responses being analysed.

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