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Islington's Local Plan

Islington's Local Plan is used to plan strategically across the borough, looking at future needs to be addressed, what change is likely to happen and where. The Local Plan is made up of various documents and contains a number of policies for ensuring that the borough develops in a sustainable manner. These policies are used to determine whether planning applications should be approved or refused.

The Local Plan is supported by various Supplementary Planning Documents which give further detail on how Local Plan policies will be implemented.

  1. Core Strategy

    The Core Strategy sets out the vision for development in the borough, and Islington Council's approach to achieving this vision.

  2. Site Allocations DPD

    The Site Allocations document identifies key development sites in the borough and specifies the type of development appropriate for each site.

  3. North London Waste Plan

    The North London Waste Plan will include policies and guidelines for determining planning applications for waste developments.

  4. Annual Monitoring Report

    Annual Monitoring Reports monitor how well planning policies are working and inform the development of new policies.

  5. Development Management Policies DPD

    The Development Management Policies document has detailed policies which will be used to assess planning applications.

  6. Finsbury Local Plan DPD

    The Finsbury Local Plan document has detailed policies and site allocations for the Bunhill & Clerkenwell area in the south of the borough.

  7. Policies Map

    The Policies Map visually sets out the various policy designations in Islington's Development Plan.

  8. Evidence Base

    ​Islington Council maintain an Evidence Base of documents which have informed the development of the Local Plan and Supplementary Planning Documents.

  9. Local Development Scheme

    The Local Development Scheme (LDS) sets out an indicative timetable for the production of forthcoming policy documents.

  10. Statement of Community Involvement


    Statement of Community Involvement 

    sets out how you can become involved in the creation of planning documents and give your views on planning applications.