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Islington’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Islington is the most densely populated local authority area in the country. The borough has accommodated high levels of new development, population and employment growth in recent years. In order to ensure that Islington continues to be a place where people want to live, do business and visit, new development must be accompanied by measures to increase the capacity of community infrastructure.

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a source of funding from new development which will help support the delivery of local infrastructure. The council has adopted a CIL to fund infrastructure that will support the development of the area and to ensure that future housing and employment growth envisaged in its Local Plan can be accommodated sustainably. Funding raised through the levy can be used to pay for improvements such as parks, playspaces, education, health facilities and the transport network. 

The types of infrastructure that the Islington CIL will fund are listed in Islington’s CIL Regulation 123 List, which enables the council to allocate CIL money to schemes that are strategically important to the local area. The council has updated this list to ensure it is able to continue to allocate CIL to the highest priority schemes, without compromising Section 106 obligations. The revised Regulation 123 List is available at the bottom of this page.

CIL Consultations

The council consulted on a CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule in 2012 and undertook a further non-statutory consultation in February/ March 2013. The comments received during these consultations were taken into account in the CIL Draft Charging Schedule. The council invited representations on the Draft Charging Schedule from 28 June 2013 to 9 August 2013.

Submission of the CIL Draft Charging Schedule to the Examiner

The council submitted the CIL Draft Charging Schedule, and the relevant evidence, to the Planning Inspectorate on 16 October 2013 to conduct a Public Examination. A public hearing took place on 14 January 2014. The relevant documents are online on the Examination Documents webpage.   

Approval and publication of the CIL Charging Schedule

The Examiner’s report was published in March 2014, and it supported each of the council’s proposed charging rates with the exception of a minor change to the rate for sui generis uses (those uses that do not fall within a Planning Use Class). The council has accepted the modifications that were recommended in the Examiner's report, and the Islington CIL Charging Schedule was approved at a meeting of the council on 26 June 2014.

The London Borough of Islington CIL Charging Schedule came into effect on 1 September 2014. The council has made a correction to its Charging Schedule by including a paragraph which provides information on CIL exemptions and reliefs. The up to date Charging Schedule, and the report from the Examiner have been made available online below, and for inspection in hard copy at: 

London Borough of Islington Municipal Offices - 222 Upper Street, London, N1 1XR

Archway Library - Hamlyn House, Highgate Hill, London, N19 5PH

Finsbury Library - 245 St John's Street, London, EC1V 4NB

If you would like a copy of these documents in an alternative format such as large print, please contact us and where possible, we will meet your request. For other information on the council's CIL, please email, call 020 7527 2621 or write to the CIL Team at the council Municipal Offices address above.

Islington CIL Income and Expenditure 

The council is required to publish an annual report on the borough CIL income and expenditure. This report must be published on the website before the 31 December following the end of the relevant financial year. The CIL Income and Expenditure Report for 2015/16 is available at the bottom of this page.

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