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Highbury Corner

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Highbury Corner has been transformed from one of London’s most intimidating roundabouts into a much more people-friendly and welcoming junction with a brand new public space.

The main works have now been completed.

About the Highbury Corner roundabout transformation

The Mayor of London worked in partnership with the Council to make changes at Highbury Corner that have made it more pleasant and accessible for all users, and improved facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and Highbury & Islington Station users. 

The completed main works include:

  • western arm of the former roundabout closed and replaced by a new public space including the Highbury & Islington Station forecourt and part of the arboretum (the green space at the centre of the roundabout)
  • two-way signalised traffic and segregated cycle lanes in both directions on all three remaining sides of the roundabout
  • Highbury Station Road and Hampton Court permanently closed to motor traffic
  • southern section of Corsica Street closed to motor traffic and a new continuous footway across the junction entrance to give pedestrians priority
  • improved and new pedestrian crossings including replacement of staggered crossings with straight-across crossings at the Canonbury Road and Upper Street junctions, and a signalised crossing at the junction with Canonbury Road
  • the shortening of the 277 daytime bus service to finish at Dalston Junction, instead of Highbury Corner, and the extendion the 277 night bus to finish at Angel. Additional services have been provided on the 30 bus service during peak morning and evening hours. (Please see the frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page for details)

Now that the main works are finished, all that remains is to plant trees, install legible London signs and install security bollards around the Highbury & Islington Station forecourt.

For more information about the transformation of Highbury Corner, or if you have any queries, please see the frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page, or visit TfL's Highbury Corner roundabout project page.

Traffic monitoring

TfL and the council are committed to monitoring the traffic levels before and after the implementation of the roundabout transformation to assess and address any impacts to local roads. New traffic counts will initially be undertaken in June 2020. A summary of traffic data collected during previous counts and an explanatory note are available below. 

Highbury Corner bridge works

Work on the Highbury Corner bridge replacement was carried out between October 2014 and Spring 2018.

The Highbury Corner bridge was built around 1850, and extends over the railway lines used by London Overground. Holloway Road (the A1), Highbury & Islington Station and the site of the former post office building sit on top of the bridge structure.

The bridge structure was in a poor state of repair so it was essential that it was replaced. This has prevented the need for disruptive emergency closures in the future.

Past consultations

  • Highbury Corner roundabout Feb-March 2016: The responses demonstrated overall support for the scheme, particularly in relation to impacts on pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users, though there were concerns about potential bus and traffic impacts. To see the full consultation report, please visit TfL's Highbury Corner consultation webpage. The consultation leaflet and information about traffic impacts in the local area can be downloaded from the bottom of this page
  • Highbury Corner roundabout 2007/08: The results of the consultation revealed that most local people wanted the western arm of the roundabout to be closed to vehicles. This option included the relocation of the post office to create a new public space that extends from the station to the end of Upper Street
  • Highbury & Islington Station and Highbury Corner - Planning Framework 2004: Consultation on the draft planning framework was carried out in 2004 and was adopted by the council as Supplementary Planning Guidance in July 2004. You can download the framework at the bottom of this page

Contact us

If you have a query about the Highbury Corner roundabout transformation, please view the frequently asked questions (FAQ) in 'Useful documents'.

You can also email Glenn Tobin the Public Liaison Officer for the Highbury Corner roundabout scheme or call 07725 521 194.

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