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Highbury Corner


Islington Council together with Transport for London (TfL) consulted on proposals to transform Highbury Corner between 5 February and 20 March 2016. This consultation followed an initial consultation that was undertaken in 2007/08.

The latest proposals consulted upon included:

  • Changing the roundabout into a two-way traffic system
  • Creation of a new public space
  • Improved pedestrian and cycle facilities
  • Amendments to the 277 and 30 bus services

The consultation leaflet and information about traffic impacts in the local area can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.  A consultation analysis report summarising the consultation activities, the responses received and the points raised was published in summer 2016.

For further information, including predicted journey times, and to view the consultation analysis report, please visit the TfL consultation webpage.  

Next steps

TfL and Islington Council are currently reviewing the responses received and considering all points raised in the consultation. We aim to publish a second report responding to the issues raised through the consultation later in 2017.

Highbury Corner bridge works

The Highbury Corner bridge was built around 1850, and extends over the railway lines used by London Overground. Holloway Road (the A1), Highbury & Islington Station and the site of the former post office building sit on top of the bridge structure.

The bridge structure is in need of replacement, and therefore TfL has started work to rebuild the bridge at Highbury Corner. Preparatory works began in October 2014, and the works are expected to be completed in 2018. This will involve the rebuilding of the bridge itself, as well as a number of changes for the duration of the works:

  • The former post office has been demolished.
  • The pedestrian crossing outside Highbury & Islington Station has been closed.  A temporary crossing has been provided approximately 50 metres further north up Holloway Road.
  • The two bus stops that serve the station, both northbound and southbound, have been relocated further north up Holloway Road.
  • Highbury Station Road, Hampton Court and Highbury Crescent (between Highbury Place and Ronalds Road (between the two parts of Highbury Fields) have been closed to traffic.
  • The cycle parking previously located in the station forecourt has been moved to Highbury Station Road.

During the works, Highbury & Islington Station will remain open, and pedestrian access to the station will be provided at all times. However the footways in some areas will become narrower as the work is being carried out, for example when utilities under the footways are being dug up and relocated.  During the works to move utility pipes and cables. Holloway Road will remain open to traffic with at least one lane of traffic running in each direction.

From Monday 10 April until mid-June 2017 there will be temporary changes to access at Highbury and Islington station.

For more information on the bridge replacement works, or if you have any queries, please visit TfL's website.

Past consultations

  • Highbury Corner Roundabout 2007/08: The results of the consultation revealed that most local people wanted the western arm of the roundabout to be closed to vehicles. This option included the relocation of the post office to create a new public space that extends from the station to the end of Upper Street.

  • Highbury & Islington Station and Highbury Corner - Planning Framework 2004:  Consultation on the draft planning framework was carried out in 2004 and was adopted by the council as Supplementary Planning Guidance in July 2004. You can download the framework at the bottom of this page.

Easter 2017 travel on London Overground and Victoria Line

There is no service on several London Overground lines over the Easter period, and on the entire Victoria Line on Easter Sunday and Monday. Read more on TfL's Easter travel page.

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