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EC1 Public Space Strategy

Since 2004, Islington Council, in partnership with EC1 New Deal for Communities (NDC), has been working on a series of projects to improve public spaces (parks, streets and communal areas on estates) in the EC1 NDC area. The aim of this work is to encourage greater use of the public spaces by improving safety, planting, attractiveness and opportunities for a range of activities to encourage more people to lead more active and social lives near where they live and work.

You can open a map of the EC1 NDC framework areas by clicking on this link

This work has been guided by the EC1 Public Space Strategy (2004) which identifies the area to be improved, dividing it into manageable sections and projects that can be delivered independently on a phased basis, and which, when seen together make up the whole.

The strategy is based on an area approach to improvements, involving the creation of a 'green chain' network of safe, green and attractive public open spaces. The strategy emphasises making the area feel safe and attractive for all ages and physical abilities, creating areas people feel comfortable walking and cycling in.

Local urban design-led architecture and landscape architectural practices have prepared Frameworks for different areas within the NDC area and designed individual schemes.

Please note that not all of these Frameworks were adopted by the council.

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