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Ashmount Primary School site

Ashmount Primary School will relocate to a new site in Crouch Hill in October 2012 and the current Ashmount Primary School site will become vacant. The Council has therefore prepared a planning brief to guide any future development on the Ashmount Primary School site.

 The objectives for any future development of the Ashmount Primary School site include to:


  • Develop the Ashmount Primary School site to provide new homes with at least 50% affordable housing;

  • Ensure that all new buildings are of a high quality design which contributes to the character of the Conservation Area and are an appropriate scale and massing for the surrounding context;

  • Improve the quality of the street environment and public spaces in and adjoining the site;

  • Maintain the number and quality of trees on the site;

  • Ensure that any development meets the appropriate standards for accessibility and  inclusivity;

  • Achieve the highest possible standards of sustainable design and construction to mitigate and adapt to climate change; and

  • Encourage development that promotes walking, cycling and public transport and minimises the impacts of car travel.

Planning briefs play an important role in helping to shape how a site could be developed and what benefits the development should bring to the local community.  The planning brief provides a greater degree of certainty to the local community by setting out in detail how the Council’s planning policies will apply to any future redevelopment of the site. It will also be used to guide decisions on future planning applications for the site.

A public consultation on the draft planning brief for the Ashmount Primary School site was held between Monday 6 February and Friday 16 March 2012.

A Consultation Report summarising the consultation process, feedback from the consultation and the Councils’ response to key issues is available for download below.

The Council’s Executive adopted the planning brief on Tuesday 12 June 2012.

The final planning brief for the Ashmount Primary School site is available for download below.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Eshwyn Prabhu by email at or phone on 020 7527 2450.

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