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Removal of Archway gyratory

The removal of Archway gyratory has been a long-held aspiration for the council and the local community. Following a public consultation on the proposals to remove the gyratory that Transport for London (TfL) carried out in late 2014, the construction started in February 2016 and is programmed to finish in summer 2017. 

The works have created a new public space in the heart of the town centre, introduced a new two-way traffic system and delivered a number of other benefits.​ 

For pedestrians

  • Street-level crossing on Archway Road to replace the underpass
  • Countdown on pedestrian crossings
  • Pedestrianised area/new public space and seating
  • Tree planting to create an attractive environment in the new square
  • Improved access from Archway tube station to bus stops in the vicinity
  • Improved access to shops and businesses on the former gyratory island
  • Relocated bus stops

For cyclists

  • Cycle parking in the square
  • Two-way cycle lane in the square
  • Segregated cycle lanes for enhanced safety around the gyratory
  • Toucan crossing

For drivers

  • Better road layout with lower risk of collision
  • Change of one-way gyratory traffic system to a two-way operation
  • Additional parking and loading on Junction Road

Live road travel information is available from or @TfLTrafficNews on Twitter. To find out how your bus journey may be affected, please visit or follow @TfLBusAlerts on Twitter.

Please visit for more information about the project and travel advice.

Shop front improvements


A transformation of 13 old shop fronts in Archway has been completed, including a gift shop, cafe and tailor (see photos). The new shop fronts are in keeping with local historic buildings, with more attractive signage, better glazing, awnings and lighting, and better access.

These are a couple of projects that the council is delivering as part of the £2 million fund to help regenerate Archway town centre and further opportunities are currently being investigated. 

Read more about these proposals for Archway by downloading the Executive report at the bottom of this page.


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