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Competent persons scheme

​Competent person schemes (CPS) allow individuals and companies to self-certify that their work complies with the Building Regulations as an alternative to submitting an application to building control services.

A variety of schemes exist covering all aspects of the Building Regulations, for example: 

  • replacement windows and doors

  • gas appliances, heating and hot water systems

  • oil combustion appliances

  • solid fuel combustion appliances

  • plumbing, hot water and heating service systems

  • ventilation and air conditioning

  • electrical, lighting, heating and control systems

  • air pressure testing of buildings

  • CO2 emission rate calculations

  • sanitary conveniences in washrooms and bathrooms.

Details of these schemes can be found on the Communities and Local Government website.

When someone has undertaken notifiable work in accordance with one of these schemes, the competent person via the scheme provider gives evidence to both the owner and Local Authority that the work complies with the relevant regulation(s) within 30 days of completing the work.

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