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Street naming and numbering

Address management service

This service deals with the following types of application:-

  • addresses for new developments
  • addresses for properties where the number of units is being changed, eg 
    where a house is being converted into a number of self-contained flats
  • changes to property names
  • adding a property name to a numbered address
  • renaming streets and renumbering buildings

[The Council does not determine post codes, but, where necessary, obtains new post codes from the Royal Mail after new addresses have been agreed]

To apply for a new/changed address

You need to complete the application form below.
Alternatively you can pick up a paper form from the address below.

Contact us

Business and information
Address management
222 Upper Street
N1 1XR

Tel: 020 7527 2032/2245

NB Where your application results from building works, please enclose a set of architects drawings showing the layout at each floor level, including the locations of the entrances to every unit. Drawings may be sent electronically or by post.

Street naming and numbering schedule of rates for applicable charges

New and refurbished developments
1-9 units £190
10-20 units £250
For each additional unit over 20  £36
Existing land and properties
Renaming a street


Naming or re-naming of a property    £230
Renumbering of a property    £230
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