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Islington Council receives approximately 80 planning applications each week. We aim to publish all applications on our website so you can view the details and, if you wish, make comments. Please see related documents below for the weekly planning lists.

Search a planning application

Online search guidance

There are three search options when using our planning application search:

  • by application number
  • by address
  • by date range

We suggest using the application number as this provides the fastest and most accurate result. The following text provides detailed guidance on how to use the search function. Please use the planning application online search to find the application you are interested in.

Address Search 

Our Address Search uses the property's registered address. If your search does not initially bring back results, try avoiding certain address elements that may have been changed over time. Common areas of address variation include flat numbers, apostrophes and uncertain spellings. For example if the address is 1a St Andrew’s Street and this does not return your expected results then try to search using ‘1’ in the number field and ‘Andrew’ in the street field and this should return a larger range of results including your address (this avoids a negative result if some historical applications were listed under Flat A, 1 Saint Andrews St).

If the registered address search does not return your expected results or you do not know your properties registered address then please use the 'site address' search line at the bottom of the Address Search box. To make the search as wide as possible and ensure all records are returned then you need to use the wild card symbol '%'. For example type '%1%Andrew%' will return all properties with an address line that contain both a number '1' and later an 'Andrew'.

To ensure you access all relevant records we recommend that you search both the registered and site address fields.

  • You can view planning applications online at any of our libraries

Historical planning records

Planning applications made before 01 December 2005 are available in hard copy. However files need to be recalled from storage .There is currently no charge for this service. Please contact for further information.

Submit comments online 

Go to the planning application online search page.  Enter criteria such as the Application number or the address.  Click on the relevant application number and then click on the 'add comments here' link.

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