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Doctors' parking

If you are a general practitioner (GP) with a surgery in Islington, you may apply for a doctors parking bay and permit.

Voucher type Duration Costs
Doctors permit Per year £306.39
New doctors parking bay Installation and permit £3,465.30

You need to have a doctors bay before you can apply for a permit.

Doctors bays

Surgeries without a doctors bay can apply for one by calling 020 7527 4797. You can only have one doctors bay per practice but permits can have more than one vehicle on them.

Doctors bays are only for essential vehicles needed during health care emergencies.

What happens after you apply

  1. After you apply, we review parking availability in the area and other factors, like if applicants already hold resident permits.
  2. If your application is successful, we will launch a public consultation. This has to take place before a bay is installed.
  3. If there are no major objections, we can go ahead with the bay.

Doctors permit

If a surgery has a doctors bay, you can apply for a permit.

Buy a doctors permit


  • A permit can have more than one vehicle on it.
  • Doctors permits cannot be used for your standard commute.
  • We issue permits as part of the bay rental.
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