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What's elsewhere?

Information birth certificates, school records, parish records and other records held elsewhere.

We may not hold all the information and material you require. However, we hope this list helps you with your research.

Burial and cremation records

These records are held in various locations, including individual cemeteries, at Deceased Online.

View our leaflet about records of local cemeteries, burial grounds and crematoria (PDF).

Coroners' records

Any surviving coroners' reports are available at the London Metropolitan Archives, although only a sample of these records have been retained. However, we do hold copies of the Islington Gazette, which often include reports on inquests.

Parish records

All local parish records are held at the London Metropolitan Archives, although we do have copies of some records of St Mary Islington and St James Clerkenwell.

Prison records

Most are held by The National Archives, which has published a detailed guide about locating relevant records, entitled Criminals in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

School records

Any surviving records are held either by individual schools or at London Metropolitan Archives.

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